Freaky Thinking and Supercharged Thinking

Freaky thinking is a radically new way for employees of large and medium-sized organizations to think about and resolve workplace challenges of all types and at every level. Supercharged thinking helps individual employees to grow and develop their own personal thinking skills to achieve a better home-life for themselves—and for those around them.

Freaky Thinking

Excellence in Freaky Thinking

Supercharged Thinking

Third Decade Thinking

We are half-way through the decade that will define the 21st century. Seismic shifts are destabilising geopolitics while the unsustainable demands of an increasing population threaten the environment. A generation has been exposed to continuously accessible technology and social media with unknown mental health consequences. Additionally, pandemics, wars, supply chain disruptions, and an expectation that ‘governments will always provide’ are collectively leading us towards a future with risky, and unknown outcomes. Outcomes that will ultimately impact the operation of society.

It’s easy for individuals to be overwhelmed by this—however, there are always opportunities that arise from change. Either we will be forced to adapt to these changes—or we can adopt different ways of acting and thinking that will help us to survive and thrive in this changing social and environment landscape.

Chris Thomason is your Third Decade Thinker

Chris Thomason has worked in, and consulted to, large organisations around the world. After buying a failing manufacturing company and turning it into one of the largest in its sector, Chris now teaches the innovative ways of creative thinking that lead to his business success.

Chris has worked with many well-known companies, including Lloyds Banking Group, Toyota, Vodafone, UPS and American Express, helping them apply cutting-edge management techniques that have delivered millions in additional revenues.

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