Freaky Thinking

Freaky thinking is a new and exciting way for large and medium-sized organizations to think about and solve ‘impossible’ workplace questions. These three books act as guides to help employees at all levels deliver Freaky Thinking value across your organization.

Freaky Thinking

Excellence in Freaky Thinking

Freaky Thinking Templates

Third Decade Thinking

Climate change poses potentially catastrophic outcomes for humanity. And many people feel helpless—for what can one individual do to avert this impending event? Third Decade Thinking can help save the environment—for it isn’t about being an individual, it’s about being one of many individuals all thinking about ways to solve the same problem…

Chris Thomason

Chris Thomason has worked in and consulted to large organisations around the world. After buying a failing manufacturing company and turning it into one of the largest in its sector, Chris now teaches the innovative ways of creative thinking that lead to his business success.

Chris has worked with many well-known companies, including Lloyds Bank, Toyota, Vodafone, UPS and American Express, helping them apply cutting-edge management techniques that have delivered millions in additional revenues.

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The Idea Generator

Brainstorming is the go-to method for generating ideas and solutions in teams, but it was proven not to work over 50 years ago. The Idea Generator gives you 15 simple, easy-to-use tools that can be used and re-used for a variety of purposes to help you quickly generate, and focus on developing, only the best ideas.