SaegreifinnIn Reykjavik’s old harbour is the seafood restaurant Saegreifinn – Icelandic for The Sea Baron.

One of the many types of seafood they offer there is Minke Whale. They serve this in the form of a kebab – with the wonderful name of Moby-Dick-on-a-Stick. This piece of marketing magic (or mischief) has received much coverage on the internet and raised the restaurant’s profile quite significantly.

This principle of creating attention grabbers is applicable to non-consumer industries too. Consider Eddie Stobart trucking for example. They started naming their delivery vehicles with female names such as Helen Victoria and Rebecca Katy. This raised the awareness of their brand to the extent that there are websites devoted to where specific trucks were seen and on what date. There is even a members club where members can submit suggestions for the name for any new vehicle in the Stobart fleet.

They also raise their profile by being relevant to news. They recently named one of their trucks in memory of April Jones, the unfortunate young girl who was killed in her home town of Machynlleth, Wales last year. It may be seen as a marketing stunt by some, but it can also be viewed as a poignant reminder of a child’s untimely death – and to raise awareness of the case.

The question is then, what ingenious ways are there for you to raise the profile of an element of your business? Especially one that is hard for competitors to follow…

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