Know your mind

Know your mindRecently in Japan, a team of German and Japanese scientists used the world’s fourth most powerful supercomputer to map how the mind works – see here. They modeled what happens in just one percent of the brain over a period of just one second. It took the supercomputer 40 minutes to undertake this task!

This computer has over 700,000 processor cores, 1.4 million Gigabytes of RAM and consumes 9,900,000 watts of power.

As the human brain manages all of its activity and runs in real time too, it is effectively 40 x 60 = 2,400 times faster and 100 times bigger than the supercomputer (which only did 1% of the brain’s activity).

The human brain only consumes around 20 watts of power to achieve this far superior performance. So that thing inside your head is 240,000 times more powerful than a supercomputer and uses just 1/5,000th of the power.

The Japanese supercomputer was designed by a large team of highly skilled engineers using complex equipment and systems and needs a significant infrastructure to operate correctly. Your brain is just a series of freak accidents in nature caused by repeated and random mutation of cells from generation to generation. And we all get one for free when we are born.

Makes you think doesn’t it?

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