Do you want some refreshing, profitable and practical ways to grow your business?

Guided Business Thinking is where business growth and meditation meet. It’s a totally new way to identify growth opportunities in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee.

Guided Business Thinking helps you become more mindful about your business growth

It’s about identifying changes that are relevant and meaningful to you and your future business growth. It’s about who, where and what you want to be going forward from tomorrow.

A 10-minute Guided Business Thinking demonstration session for you to try out

Get a pen and paper to capture your ideas as you experience your first Guided Business Thinking session – and see how much value you get from just 14 questions…

Do you want more ingenious ways to grow your business?

Guided Business Thinking session 01

In this Guided Business Thinking session we’ll be exploring interesting ways to acquire customers; to achieve rapid growth from your assets and capabilities; and find ways to benefit from “specialisation”.

Guided Business Thinking session 02

In this Guided Business Thinking session we’ll find ways to boost your customer word-of-mouth marketing; understand how to minimise failure demand to increase profits, and focus attention on your business improvement; your customers – and on your own use of time.

Guided Business Thinking session 03

In this Guided Business Thinking session we’ll be exploring the value you can get from Consumer Surplus; why you should love your customers; the benefits of segmentation, and applying sports metaphors to business growth.

Don’t just take our word for it…

I used Guided Business Thinking and was amazed at how quickly practical solutions came to me the moment I heard the question. It’s a very effective manner of unearthing the multiple ideas you have as a business owner in your head, and organising them to immediately improve your business.

Austin McGinley, Founder, AMG Marketing

Chris Thomason is one of the most creative and innovative thinkers I know – he is always coming up with new ideas and sharing those with me to help my company.

Kerri K. Nelson, CEO & President, CustomersFirst Now

Guided Business Thinking is a brilliant way to think differently about any business, and I love the helpful downloads that accompany each video.

Nicola Macdonald, Owner, Attractive Marketing Ltd

Chris is a very creative and insightful design professional, with a proven ability to identify new insights and develop customer experiences which help businesses grow.

Alan Pennington, Chairman, SpectrumCX