Creative thinking tools for better business thinking

Each month we publish new creative thinking tools in our newsletter which helps you deliver better business thinking. Here are all the tools we’ve sent out to date. If you’d like to receive new ones by email each month, simply sign up for your personal copy of our newsletter here.

Keyword Replacement:
Creative thinking tool - Keyword ReplacementDo you ever want to check whether there are other directions of thought to consider when you are thinking about a specific issue?

Well, here’s a nifty little technique to help you to quickly take a different approach to a problem by focussing on a keyword in your issue statement, and then replacing it to give you a new perspective to consider.

You can download the technique guide here.


Creative thinking tool - 80 in10 Does it seem to you that your forehead Ferrari (your brain) is often occupied doing the equivalent of Ford Fiesta filing work rather than streaking along the freeway to success? If you want to fire up your forehead Ferrari to really see what your mind is capable of, then this 80-in-10 tool will help.

It’s designed to give you 80 ideas in just 10 minutes to kick-start any thinking exercise. It helps remove the consideration or pre-judging of ideas which traps many of us when looking for new ideas. This is a ‘pen and paper’ tool and I carry a couple of blank templates around with me to get me moving on a subject.

You can download the template and instructions here.


Distracted Thinking:
Creative thinking tool - Distracted Thinking Do you find that when you need to think about something differently, you seem to end up coming up with the same old ideas again and again? It’s because your mind works by turning all the behaviours you need into patterns – so it knows what to do ‘automatically’ the next time a particular situation arises.

However, when you need to something new, the last thing you want is a mind that is stuck in an old pattern. Distracted Thinking is a simple thinking technique which is quick to learn and highly effective – and which rapidly helps you find new ideas or answers.

You can download the PDF that explains how to use it here.

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