Freaky Thinking


The most valuable asset you possess is your mind, and Freaky Thinking is a new way of applying your mind to deliver dazzling workplace thinking to get better ideas that address your organization’s big issues.

The problems and opportunities that organizations face are getting ever more challenging. They exist in an environment of uncertainty which makes them more-prevalent and more-difficult to identify—and harder to address with today’s available approaches.

This is where a different thinking is needed. Freaky Thinking. Thinking that is unconventional; edgy; and unexpected. Thinking that anyone—at any level—in any organization can do-and be recognized for. As an introduction to the process of Freaky Thinking, this book will

  • Uncover the startling pitfalls in workplace thinking today
  • Explain how different thinking is the work-tool of the future
  • Help you access your Meanderscape as the source of new ideas
  • Guide you through using Killer Questions for all aspects of your life
  • Reveal some radical new thinking tools to spark practical creativity
  • Show you how to become a brilliant Freaky Thinker, and
  • Provide a simple template to lead you through the process

Freaky Thinking will enable you to deliver great value for you, your team, and your wider organization.

Excellence in Freaky Thinking


Excellence In Freaky Thinking is the follow-up to the first Freaky Thinking book—and will boost your thinking skills to even greater levels. Whether you’re an individual employee; a manager of a team; or a leader of a larger area—you’ll understand how to achieve better thinking in your organization. As an individual you’ll discover:

  • Why activity thinking is better than desk thinking
  • The five disruptors of great workplace thinking—and how to overcome them
  • How to boost your brainpower by using other peoples’ brains
  • How to use thinking pyramids
  • Advanced tools to help you become a thinking craftsperson

If you manage a team, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use pirate rebellions for team thinking instead of wasteful brainstorming
  • Motivate your people through curiosity
  • Apply proactive procrastination to great effect between your meetings
  • Advance your boundary of knowledge to uncover new opportunities
  • Run thinking pyramids to deliver great business value

And if you’re a senior leader and want to improve the thinking skills of a larger part of your organization, Excellence In Freaky Thinking will show you:

  • How to use cascaded questions to engage your wider team
  • How to overcome your organization’s five thinking deficits
  • How your teams can now answer questions they couldn’t address previously
  • How to make thinking an active part of your culture, and
  • How you can prepare your thinking for upcoming workplace changes

Freaky Thinking Templates


Freaky thinking helps employees at all levels in an organization to perform better thinking around important issues. From those who are closer to customers or closer to the issue that needs to be addressed, to senior managers and subject matter experts. Freaky Thinking guides you in how to identify bold and powerful questions, that, when answered well, will make a big difference for your organization. It then helps you to develop ingenious answers to these questions.

This book contains 15 blank templates to help you develop the great new ideas that you want—and your organization needs. And as the issues you’ll likely be addressing will be enduring in nature, this book will act as the vault where you store all your ideas to re-use in the future.

This Freaky Thinking Templates book is the companion to the Freaky Thinking and Excellence in Freaky Thinking books.

Note that this book only contains the templates and no other content.

Download the Freaky Thinking template