What are Killer Questions?2022-06-22T14:48:59+00:00

Killer Questions (sometimes referred to as Powerful Questions) are bold, powerful, growth-focused questions that when answered well, will deliver significant value for your business.

Where is Sprint for Growth based?2022-06-22T14:48:34+00:00

Sprint for Growth is part of Ingenious Growth Ltd based in Surrey in the UK. Our registered office address is Ingenious Growth Ltd. 21 Stafford Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 4NG.

Can I trust the Patreon platform?2022-06-22T14:47:58+00:00

Yes! It was established in 2013 and is used by 200,000 content creators who are supported by more than 6 million patrons who pay each month for their content.

What are Pathfinders?2022-06-22T14:47:23+00:00

Pathfinders are business people you know who you invite to assist you with the exercises in the Sprint Guides.

What is Patreon?2022-06-22T14:46:47+00:00

Patreon (www.patreon.com/SprintForGrowth) is a platform where supporters of a cause (called patrons) pledge a small sum of money each month to support someone who is creating content they value.

What is Guided Business Thinking?2022-06-22T14:46:18+00:00

It’s a process where you are guided through a structured thinking process to pose key questions around business growth and to answer them.

What is a Session Guide?2022-06-22T14:45:46+00:00

Some of the earlier videos have a Session Guide which is a separate PDF document that you download BEFORE watching the Guided Business Thinking video. It provides a template for you to add your ideas as you are guided through the session. The later videos no longer have these…

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