Changing to a new reality

A Skype conversation with an Atlanta book-club barely 60-hours ago prompted this insight.

Facts that seem more like fiction

LectureThe Delicate Force is a fiction book that contains five factual chapters. These chapters are written as lectures by imaginary characters – but the content is entirely factual. The sixth lecture is by the book’s lead character as he summarises what he’s heard and begins to make sense of the universal anomalies presented in the lectures.

Other elements of the fictional story are also based on fact. Events that have happened to me in my life which I can vouch to be absolutely true.

The initial trigger for this book was my curiosity around a number of peculiarly unresolved aspects of science, nature and humanity that I was aware of. However, the more research I did to answer my questions, the more unanswered – and unanswerable – questions I exposed. These questions are the anomalies that exist in our world, and became my purpose in writing The Delicate Force.

Reality that seems more like fiction

During the Skype call, a lady in the Atlanta book-club kindly shared an unfortunate incident from a few days earlier, when her (normally deep-sleeping) husband suddenly woke in the middle of the night at the exact moment a close family member passed on.

How many more of these remarkable occurrences do we need to have, or be aware of, before we begin to whole-heartedly accept and embrace the existence of anomalies in our world?

We are at a tipping point in our existence

In the last five generations, the way we live has put the future existence of humanity at risk. Governments, businesses and individuals all recognise this and want to act to protect the future for our children. But what can individuals do, especially when we are unwilling to sacrifice our current lives full of creature-comforts?

Doing more of the same isn’t going to have the impact we need. We need to be doing something different. We need a much greater number of people to recognise the anomalies that exist all around us. Only when more people begin to realise that reality isn’t as rigid as they believe it to be, can we begin to make changes on the scale that is needed.

There are many people who believe in anomalies as a part of everyday life – because they have personal experience of them happening. Others may not recognise them, or may turn a blind-eye when they occur. For those of us that know these things exist – it’s our responsibility to assist others become aware too.

This will no doubt sound melodramatic – but possible the only way for us to protect our descendants and the environment from what we are doing to the planet, is to recognise that it’s time to tell a story. Your story!

Getting people to change through understanding

I know it can sometimes feel embarrassing to be telling personal stories to people that may seem ‘beyond belief’, but that’s the whole point of the anomalies that occur to us. They are beyond the normal belief that needs to be subject to scientific and logical explanation. However, we know these anomalies exist and we know these anomalies happen – because we experience them ourselves.

To get people to change, we need to help them to understand there’s another layer of reality that individuals can engage with. We can’t do this with proof because there is none – except for our own uncontroversial experience of these anomalies as individuals. To change humanity may seem like an impossible goal. But to change a handful of people is a readily-achievable task for all of us.

Share your story

I’ve shared my personal story with you in The Delicate Force. I included some of the events that happened to me – and the large number of issues that my research has uncovered. However, my story won’t be able to raise the awareness and changes that humanity needs unless you improve it so it becomes your story – and you relate it in your own voice.

People only change their view when they are shown a new truth that changes their feelings. So your challenge is to find five people and explain to them your new truth in a way that influences their feelings. Encourage them to explore the anomalies for themselves – and if my book helps you to help them, then it’s serving its true purpose.

The tipping point is now

BloodlineAs individuals you are all living proof at the end of a long chain of life-development from pond-scum through to who you are today. You represent your bloodline’s ability to survive against seemingly insurmountable odds of natural disasters, famines, plagues, wars – and a host of other natural obstacles.

But pause to think about your impending descendants coming out of your bloodline. In a future potentially-disastrous environment, will they look back and wonder why those who knew at the time – you – failed to act? If we are to help mankind achieve a better future, then it’s your time to act.

However you perceive the Delicate Force to exist and influence you in your life, the world for your descendants tomorrow depends on the stories you are willing to share today. So make The Delicate Force part of your truth. Use the book’s facts to boost your own stories – and share them with others today!

Chris Thomason
04h10 on Sunday 25th January 2015

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