Active Thinking Project Workbook – new edition released

Active Thinking project workbookThe new Active Thinking project workbook has been extensively updated and is now available from Amazon.

If you’d like to generate more creative, yet practical ideas in your work and personal life, the Active Thinking project workbook will help you to achieve this.

This updated book contains a series of advanced thinking techniques to ensure your thinking is even more effective. Four templates, each with their own set of tools, help you address a specific thinking project. There’s an additional fifth template with a set of esoteric tools based around the use of your subconscious.

A completed example of how to set up and run a group Active Thinking session follows the individual thinking templates, and includes an explanation of why the process is superior to conventional brainstorming. There are three blank templates as guides for running group-thinking sessions. The workbook also acts as an idea repository to help you keep all your thinking projects conveniently in one place.

If you’ve used a Better Business Thinking guide, you’ll find that Active Thinking will boost your creative thinking to an even higher level. This workbook is available online from Amazon (print only) here.

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