A Zone of Acceptance helps focus your thinking: CT Tips #2

Before you ever do any thinking on a subject, consider what your Zone of Acceptance is for the outputs. Think about the different parameters that will influence whether your output ideas are appropriate for your needs. What are the timeframes for delivery and the available resources? What are the budget limitations? Should the output land in only one departments domain to make execution easier, etc?

Your Zone of Acceptance is like a doughnut. The inner edge represents something that is just a little bit different while the outer edge represents the limit of great, but do-able things. Ideas right on the outer edge of the doughnut are regarded as brilliant, whereas ideas that go just past the outer edge of the doughnut are regarded as crazy.

If you identify your Zone of Acceptance before starting any thinking you will have more success. It’s a very fine line between brilliant and crazy, but for brilliant thinking, you’ve got to walk it! Enjoy your doughnut.

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