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Boosting Executive Thinking

Boosting Executive ThinkingThe most valuable asset you have in your organisation is your mind, and this workbook is designed to support your mental processes to help your mind achieve more-insightful strategic thinking. Like you’ve never imagined before.

Strategic thinking around key issues is often a personal activity at the outset – before it can be shared with others to incorporate their viewpoints. This workbook assists you during the initial phase to break out of your routine thinking patterns; to ensure you consider fresh perspectives; and to deliver more, and differentiated, insights for a better quality of thinking.

What this workbook does for you…
> Helps you think rapidly and creatively around a key issue.
> Focuses your thinking by guiding you through an innovative process.
> Keeps all your ideas in one place for future reference.

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Better Business Thinking

Better Business ThinkingBETTER BUSINESS THINKING Helping you to think differently in the work environment.
Do you notice how some people seem to be naturals at coming up with practical, new ideas? The truth is that there’s nothing natural about it at all – for it’s a skill that anyone can master. This Better Business Thinking project workbook will help you understand how you can become a better thinker in just a few weeks. It guides you through a series of four thinking projects, each containing a series of exercises that lead you through different stages of thinking development. A fully-worked demonstration project shows you how the process works, while each of the stages has a blank thinking-project template and includes a set of creative thinking techniques for you to apply.

This project workbook will guide you through the process of thinking more effectively and creatively about issues that matter to your business. It will also make you a better thinker in the process! The workbook also enables you to keep all your thinking projects conveniently in one place.

What this workbook does for you…
> Trains you through a four-stage thinking process.
> Practice your learning on developing issues that are important to you.
> Keeps all your thinking in one convenient place.
> Shows you the secret source of your personal creativity.

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Active Thinking

Active Thinking workbookWould you like to generate more creative and practical ideas? The Active Thinking project workbook helps you to achieve this. Active Thinking is a new approach to thinking in the work or home environment. If you usually use brainstorming to identify new ideas, then Active Thinking will help you to find more – and better – ideas. This workbook contains a completed example of how to set up and run a group Active Thinking session, including explanations of why the process is so superior to brainstorming. There are also five blank group-thinking templates and five blank individual-thinking templates. This workbook helps you to keep all your thinking projects conveniently in one place.

What this workbook does for you…
> Uses more-advanced thinking tools as a follow-on from the Better Thinking book.
> Keeps all your thinking in one convenient place..
> Provides ten thinking templates.
> Shows you how to lead a group Active Thinking session.

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Better Thinking in Health and Social Care / Thinking for Public Services

Thinking workbooks for the Public SectorThese books are versions of the Better Business Thinking and Active Thinking workbooks that are tailored to suit the public service sector including health, social care and local / regional government.

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