When butterflies fart

Natural next stepWhen a butterfly farts in London, an earthquake happens in China. A simple case of sequential cause and effect. And the cause is a ‘because’ – because today we’ve launched a new company called Ingenious Growth.

We will focus on identifying ingenious growth opportunities for clients in the short to medium time frames – which means the next three to nine months in the current economic climate. To be brutally honest, I’m not convinced that we are in a recessionary cycle. There’s a chance that this might be the new norm. After all, Japan’s been suffering in a similar economic environment as this for a good twenty years now. Things will improve but I think when we eventually get back into a sustainable growth phase it might be different to what we had in the past. Either way, it’s going to be a long haul with plenty of drama along the way for many businesses and industries. And this is where Ingenious Growth will help clients.

Around nine-months ago, global corporations started to re-invest in innovation systems as they realised they will need to drive for growth as opposed to waiting for the cycle to turn. These larger corporates have the benefit of in-house economists to help them view the future, however, lesser companies have yet to realise the true situation. Many organisations have cut costs and reduced internal structures wherever possible and have now spent a good while grubbing around the bottom – hopeful of the upturn. At Ingenious Growth we want to help these companies find new opportunities for growth, and now. This is our focus.

We aren’t talking strategic plans as for many businesses, holding steady, or not making a loss this financial year is about as strategic as they want to consider things at the moment.

Three to nine months are the new time frames of opportunity. When you are being measured on your quarterly and half-yearly goals, it keeps you very focussed on what you need to do. It’s getting harder to achieve targets that are the same as last year, never mind targets that have been increased.

We will be helping clients identify the natural next steps that they should take to achieve growth, and I’m looking forward to bringing you some stories in the not-too-distant future of how we have caused some earthquakes – in the most positive sense of course!

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