Touchpoint Mastery – getting the most out of your customer journeys

Network2Your touchpoints are the network of inter-linked interactions where ‘the rubber hits the road’. They are the moments where the customers’ experience of you occurs and where your business revenues are generated, and potentially occur millions of times every day in your business.

But are these moments owned by somebody who has the specific responsibility to develop and optimise the experience at that point? Potentially they should – as this is where you can best influence the experiences your customers receive.

Touchpoint Mastery is a framework to help touchpoint owners to creatively interrogate their touchpoint and to identify and deliver ways to add depth and value to each contact point that a customer – or potential customer – may have with your business. This framework delivers a greater understanding of the intricacies involved at each touchpoint – and hence the opportunities that exist there.

It also enables the touchpoint owner to create a repository of best, and interesting, practices relevant to their touchpoint that they can call on when the touchpoint is next being refreshed or redesigned.

You can view a fast-paced webinar on the subject of Touchpoint Mastery by CX and innovation consultant Chris Thomason here.

You can also download a PDF document on the process and the benefits you gain from it here.

Customer journeys are an excellent way to see the high-level interaction with customers but it’s at the touchpoints where experiences are delivered and purchasing decisions are made. So maximise your experiences and boost your revenue opportunities by allocating a Touchpoint Master to all your touchpoints.

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