The red and blue areas on this map contain the same number of people

Population red and blueThis phenomenal map was created by infographic-master and data-cruncher Max Galka. Both the red and blue areas on this map each contain 5% of the world’s population. The red area includes Bangladesh and just three Indian states: Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal, while the blue area incorporates Canada, Australia, 9 US states, and most of South America, Russia and Scandinavia.

While this map is a fascinating insight in itself, what interests me is that the same principle is likely to exist in many facets of business. If you were to map which products deliver your profit, which ones would be red and which blue? Or which of your services deliver the best customer experiences – do they form the red or the blue? Or which products account for the greater servicing costs for your contact centres?

Creating 5% maps like this could be invaluable to helping business understand where the focus really needs to be. How would this play out in your business or in the clients you have?

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