The last phone call you will ever make…

The best experiences always trigger a strong emotional response for the user. The stronger the emotional connection with something – the deeper that memory is created in the mind of the user, and hence the easier recall of it in the future. You may have had some great customer experiences in the past, but if there weren’t any ‘hooks’ that created an emotional connection and a memory, they are soon forgotten – simply because they weren’t emotionally worth remembering.

In the UK one of the things that we have a strong emotional attachment to are our iconic red telephone boxes. Even though they frequently smelt of urine, had broken window panes, and were covered in business cards for heavily made up women with names like Paradise, Fifi and Trixabelle – we still love them as part of our distinctly British heritage. And at some time in the distant past when they were our only form of communication away from our home or business, we’ve probably all felt like abusing one when we found it didn’t work when really needing to use it.

For the phone box aficionados, the K6 design to which we are most attached, was created in 1935 by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, whose other claims to fame include Liverpool Cathedral, Waterloo Bridge, and Battersea Power Station.

So here’s a thought for you. When did you last use a phone box to make a call?

With the advent of mobile phones it could well be over 15 years since you last had the necessity to use one. What is an emotional thought is that these phone boxes are steadily disappearing from our street and road landscapes as they become less used and are far from being profitable.

If you were to make one last phone call and had to put your final 20-pence coin in, who would be the recipient of your last call from a phone box? And if you were still speaking as the beep-beep-beep interrupted you as your money ran out, what would you like your last words to be just before you were cut off? It’s small, but emotional moments like this that makes an event memorable.

Why not leave a comment on how you’d like the last call you will ever make from a telephone box to end. 

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