The Delicate Force

Do you get ideas that suddenly pop into your head?The Delicate Force
Do you have instances of intuition about people or things?
Do strange coincidences sometimes happen to you?

In The Delicate Force, you’ll find out how these things relate to some of the most amazing anomalies that science has discovered — and that you probably aren’t even aware of. In this unusual half-fact, half-fiction story, the facts are so extraordinary that it needs a fictional plot to help you to believe they are true.

Reece Tassicker has a dream about a number he knows he needs to remember. When messages for him start appearing in books, he learns that his future activities are being predicted — to the precise minute. And that someone is mysteriously using this knowledge for their own benefit. As Reece starts to out-think the people who can control his life, he learns there are chinks in our reality that allow us discrete glimpses behind the true nature of the universe. Because our reality isn’t quite as real as we think it is.

He develops new thinking techniques that help him understand what’s happening. But as Reece gets closer to the truth, the mysterious individuals decide to eliminate him, to prevent him from revealing the extraordinary capability they have – and that everybody has.

After reading this book, you’ll be able to recognise the chinks that exist in the reality of your own life.
But are you ready for it?

Available from Amazon in ebook and print. Or you can download some PDF sample chapters here.