Talking billboards

Mini billboardIf you drive a Mini in London then watch out for special billboards that may be talking to you personally!

BMW Mini’s advertising agency developed billboards that flash messages to Mini owners driving by, and several have been installed on Cromwell Road in London.

As a Mini passes by, the digital billboard’s screen displays a personalised comment such as, “Hey red convertible, you look good!” and “Hi there green Mini driver.”

The messages are created by sophisticated software that can recognise Minis as they pass. Drivers can also choose to have a photograph taken and displayed with their own message the next time they approach these specific billboard locations.

This is an extension of Mini’s “Not normal” campaign, that strives to make a hero of the stylish Mini and to recognise the quirky nature of Mini owners.

Mini owners aren’t the only people who like to feel special – all customers would like to feel this way. So the question you need to ask in your business is this: What could our products and services do to speak to and engage with our customers to make them feel special?

Maybe you can’t do this through talking billboards, but how else could they speak with customers – and more interestingly – with non-customers? What about at an emotional level? How do you get other people to talk to them about your products? What if your product suddenly did something unexpected that would get everyone talking about it?

Think this is impossible? Then maybe you need to think a little harder about your issue. Why not start off by asking yourself a simple but powerful question in this regard. As the saying goes, the only way to finish is to get started…

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