6 new approaches for customer experience design

(Or fresh thinking around stale design perspectives). Want to consider some new approaches to your customer experience design process? Here are the six that we think merit the most consideration. 1: Use Touchpoint Terrain Maps instead of Customer Journey Maps … Continue reading

A new model for customer experience design

What’s the primary aim of your business? Is it delivering shareholder value? Or providing a climate of mutual respect for colleagues? Or is it satisfying your customers? While all are important, the most successful companies will be those which recognise … Continue reading

The future of Customer Experience design

A lot has happened in the last ten years of customer experience design. Especially as ten years ago customer experience design didn’t exist. Back then, we thought user experience was enough, and before that, we thought user interaction design was … Continue reading

Select. Connect? Project! – Bank helps customers to find work

Fifth Third Bank is an Ohio based bank in the US which has teamed up with an employment firm to offer mortgage borrowers help to find work if they lose their job. They’ve teamed up with employment firm NextJob to offer … Continue reading

Select. Connect? Project! – Independent coffee shop loyalty scheme

Most of the major coffee chains offer loyalty schemes but what can the independents do to challenge this? Offer a better scheme! Online business www.cupstelaviv.com has 40 independent coffee shops in the city of Tel Aviv signed up to give … Continue reading