Active Thinking: A better way of brainstorming

If the question is identifying business growth opportunities, then the answer is likely to be a brainstorming session. It’s the most-commonly used creative-thinking process around the world. However, conventional brainstorming frequently fails to deliver the hoped-for ideas needed to deliver … Continue reading

10 creative thinking techniques for better business ideas

By Chris Thomason:  I’ve previously posted ten of the best techniques I use to deliver business growth ideas. Here they all are in one place… #1: How to doom yourself from the start Never start off by being creative. Start … Continue reading

How to doom creativity from the start: CT Tips #1

“Let’s start of by spending 20 minutes doing some brainstorming” is the curse of death for creativity. And here’s why.  “Let’s start of by…”  You don’t start off by trying to be creativity. You start off by clarifying exactly what … Continue reading