Subconscious: CT Tips #10

Eveshowerr been in the shower or cleaning your teeth, when all of a sudden an idea comes to mind around a subject you weren’t even thinking of? That’s your subconscious at work. And that’s often where your best ideas can come from – when you let an issue gestate in your mind.

To let something gestate, you have to load it into your mind in the first place. The best way to do this is to be asking a Killer Question. Something that is important that you don’t yet have the answer to. Put the question clearly in your mind – and then forget about it. There’s a strong likelihood that over the next few days you’ll have some unexpected thoughts that will help address this.

We aren’t sure how the subconscious works except that we know it runs as ‘background’ thinking. Regardless, you’ve got it – so use it    and max it out to the best of your abilities.

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