The shock and awe of Killer Questions

Killer QuestionsA Killer Question really gets people’s attention. Often, more so than the answers do.

The reason is that Killer Questions either shock people by their remarkable focus, or amaze them due to their awesomeness. Let’s take two extreme examples.

In the 2005, Nicolas Cage film Lord of War, Cage plays an arms dealer who makes the statement “There are over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation. That’s one firearm for every twelve people on the planet”. He then asks the Killer Question “So how do we arm the other eleven?”

This is a question designed to shock due entirely to its profoundly focussed (though extremely negative) nature.

Another killer question was posed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg recently. His Killer Question was “How can we make the Internet 100 times more affordable?” The reasoning behind this is that two-thirds of the world’s population does not have access to the Internet, and Zuckerberg and a coalition of mobile technology companies want to change this. They want to bring the Internet to every single person on Earth who has a mobile phone.

The consortium that hopes to achieve this is called and exactly how and when will achieve this is yet to be finalised. However, the vision of reducing the cost 100 fold is an awesomely bold question.

It isn’t just Zuckerberg and arms dealers that can ask Killer Questions.

Anyone can. Organisations or individuals. You just need to have big cojones to do it.

As it’s getting to New Year resolution time once again, now is the time for you as an individual to ask a Killer Question – but one with a difference! All it will take is for you to have the cojones to set up a meeting.

Pick up the phone right now and make an appointment to see your company’s CEO on the first day back at work in 2014. Your Killer Question will be to ask them “What is our business Killer Question going to be for 2014?”

And that’s it! Two birds with one stone. Now that’s a different ending to the 12 Days of Christmas song!

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