Select. Connect? Project!

TaxiVendingMachineWant to show you a new tool we’ve developed that is really quick and effective around connecting new and familiar things together to produce something interesting that has value. It’s called Select. Connect? Project!

Select. First select two objects – one that is related to your business or the issue that you are considering, and another that doesn’t appear to be related.

Connect? Then you have to think of different ways in which they can be connected together that offer an opportunity to you and / or others.

Project! Finally, you have to project that opportunity into something workable that you or others will want to take forward and make happen as you recognise that there is value in the opportunity.

Let me give you an example. In New Orleans they are about to fit small vending machines inside 250 taxi cabs to sell items that you may need on short notice. They will initially sell cool drinks, but this can obviously be extended to cover a range of other goods. What might you need in bad weather? An umbrella, tissues or a disposable poncho? Or what about on a night out where you may want energy drinks, breath freshener, make-up repairer, or even contraceptives…

In-vehicle vending machines are a great example of a business Select. Connect? Project! I’ll post more as I find them.

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