See your own thinking

LinkedInMapLinkedIn labs have released LinkedIn Maps where you can see a visualisation of your LinkedIn connections. It’s a very powerful tool to help you see groups, clusters and nodes within all your connections. I’d highly recommend giving it a go.

But what interests me is how it resembles what I imagine a map of your thinking might look like. Do you only think around one broad area or does all your thinking seem to stem from one particular node. I’d imagine that if you were able to think freely on a wide range of issues without being too fixated on any one, then there would be few densely connected areas or nodes.

Perhaps as designers if this were a live map of our thinking, then when exploring for new things the map should ideally look like a matrix where every intersection is equal. Then as we start to shape the solution, nodes will form as we begin to focus on specific aspects of the design’s needs.

So, if you could see your own thinking, would yours be as you’d like it to be?

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