Querencia – the starting point for thinking: CT Tips #3

Querencia is a lovely Spanish word from the bull-fighting world. It doesn’t have a direct translation into English, but the approximate translation is the place of safety that the bull retreats to before launching its final charge.

To undertake powerful thinking it’s important to back yourself into a place mentally, so that you are absolutely sure that when you start thinking, you are heading in the best direction. Whether you are working alone or as a team, don’t start any thinking exercise until you are absolutely sure that your chosen direction is where you need to go.

When you have found your Querencia, there’s no need to look left or right. No looking over your shoulder. You focus on going forward, because your success lies in that direction. One of the easiest ways of finding Querencia is to start off with a well-formed question or Focus Statement. This way you (or all of you if it’s a group) are absolutely committed to forging ahead in the direction of opportunity.

Also knowing what success looks like with a clear Zone of Acceptance for your outputs will help you achieve your goal. With a clearly defined Focus Statement and a Zone of Acceptance, you are well on your way to finding your Querencia. Viva La Espana! Viva La Querencia!

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