PG Tips and CT Tips – the source of creativity

Puff, puff, I run to the office. Pant, pant, I unlock the office and go to the kitchen. Gasp, gasp, I need a drink of water. Guzzle, guzzle, I’m knackered. Glug, glug, my legs ache. Mmmmmm, but it’s a lovely pain. Now, I’m not thinking about 50 Shades of Grey here, but I am thinking about the box of PG Tips tea which is right in front of me. Why is it called PG Tips?

Google, Google, and the answer is that when it was first launched it was called Pre-Gest-Tee and was intended to be drunk prior to a meal to aid digestion of the food. PG Tips, hmmmm, sounds like CT Tips. An idea is born.

I’m a strong believer in intuition and the power of the subconscious, and the fact that PG Tips triggered some association in my mind is not to be ignored. So over the next few posts I will be sharing some of my suggestions on how to access the amazing capabilities of our minds to achieve powerful thinking in the business environment.

I’ll call them CT Tips. CT Tips are either Creative Thinking Tips or Chris Thomason Tips – whichever takes your fancy. Practical ways to get the best out of your mind, and the minds of the people around you.

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