Parachuted pleasures – Select. Connect? Project!

BeerParachuteJust when you think life can’t get any better someone goes and does something so ingenious you feel reborn. At the South African OppiKoppi music festival this August, visitors will be able to use the world’s first beer parachute-delivery service.

You order your beer on a smartphone app and an eight-propellored drone carries an iced beer to within a metre of your location and then drops it down attached to a parachute. If that isn’t good enough, the beer is free as Windhoek brewery is sponsoring the activity. Here’s the video.

Now, even though I’m not experienced in receiving beer by parachute, I can foresee some potential problems – but hey, who gives a damn if it starts raining iced cold beer!  The concept isn’t totally original, as last year a concept was launched called the Burrito Bomber which did a similar thing with freshly made Mexican food. Both these concepts are great examples of connecting new and different elements to create something new which delivers (quite literally) an amazing customer experience.

Naturally, there will be some problems but these are demonstration activities to learn about the issues involved in scaling up the concept. It’s an example of a lean practice to rapidly create a pilot process to see how well it works for customers.  Now, my idea is to put the beer guys in touch with the burrito guys and together they can run a pilot process this summer. And my back garden may make a good testing zone…

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