Our people


Some innovative organisations like to have a mix of people from different backgrounds. While this is a good approach to being creative, we like to take this a step further. The value we aim to deliver for our clients comes primarily from our thinking abilities and to achieve this we employ hybrid thinkers – people who as individuals have an eclectic mix of qualifications, experience and skills.

We have a network of associates we work closely with, all of whom are proven hybrid thinkers. This structure allows us the flexibility to assign the most appropriate design backgrounds to suit the specific needs of the project:

Chris Thomason

Chris is the founder of Ingenious Growth and has been applying creative business thinking across the retail, financial services, telecoms, manufacturing and online industries for 18 years in the UK, Australia and South Africa. With an early background in engineering and manufacturing, he evolved into product, service and customer experience design. He previously bought an insolvent business producing large-scale chemical equipment and turned it around to be one of the top three manufacturers in its industry sector.