New York City FC

SoccerKitIt was recently announced that English Premier League club Manchester City has partnered with baseball giants the New York Yankees to create America’s Major League Soccer team New York City FC. It will be the 20th team in the league and they expect to begin playing in the 2015 season. Design Football, a fantasy soccer site has started a competition for upcoming designers to create the new strip for the club. A nice and highly topical idea.

So why not extend this concept to the business environment?

Everybody likes the opportunity to apply a bit of creativity to their daily lives, so what’s the equivalent in your business. We’re not talking dress here, but what’s the question you as a business could ask that would engage your teams’ creative potential a little – and deliver value?

If you have a major client, your team probably know them pretty well, so why not ask them a pointed question such as What are three interesting ways in which we could work more closely with this client? Or, if you have downtime in certain areas, why not ask What’s the most valuable thing you could be doing with this slack time that would help us to do better in some way in the future?

You aren’t going to get great ideas and answers from your team unless you start engaging them with big and bold questions.

Give it a go. Bite the big apple…

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