Make your customers cry this Christmas

Cry this ChristmasWe only cry emotional tears for two reasons. Either we feel over-joyed, or we feel extremely sadness. What kind of tears will your customers cry this Christmas?

The joy:  Here’s one amazing example of Canadian airline WestJet providing a Christmas surprise for some of their customers. When you watch this video remember that WestJet is a budget carrier, so what they do is way beyond the expected. Even if this only happened to one planeload of passengers, the video on YouTube has over 30 million views.

The sadness:  There is no video for sadness, only some sadly big numbers:

  • 96% of customers don’t bother to give feedback when they have a complaint.
  • 80% of large companies describe themselves as delivering superior service, yet only 8% of their customers actually agree with this.
  • 79% of customers who complained about poor service online had their complaints ignored.
  • 78% of bank executives say their customer experience has improved over the last year, yet only 28% of their customers agree with this.

And sadly, the numbers that should be big are very small:

  • Only 5% of companies actually bother to tell their customers what they have done with the customer feedback they collect.
  • A mere 2% of customers feel that their expectations are always met.

How will your business be making your customers cry this Christmas? With a glorious video or with some sad numbers? In 2014, if you need some innovative ways to make your customers cry with joy, then speak with us. Success is guaranteed!

For the source of these statistics check out The good, the bad and the ugly post by Rod Butcher.

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