Killer questions: CT Tips #8

I got a scratch-card for a mystery discount from a company I buy from occasionally. My discount was 25% off my next purchase. Don’t think I’ll bother using it though as there’s nothing of theirs that I need.

I see companies doing so many things like this, but what I often can’t comprehend is the question the company is asking itself that this ‘thing’ is addressing. What possible question of significance (to me) has that company asked that resulted in me receiving a scratch-card?

This tip is really short. Just imagine if your company set itself a number of super-ordinate questions that it needed to answer this year. Killer questions that deliver real value to the customer and to the business. And that these questions cascaded down to the various departments, teams and individuals within the organisation, so each team has its own subset of this question to answer. Wouldn’t this focus the activities and keep them aligned to delivering the overall goals of the business?

This may sound like the same way a business strategy is disseminated across an organisation through team and personal goals, but these super-ordinate questions are a very powerful way to achieve the aspirational growth that businesses need – the growth that is above and beyond the business-as-usual plans. Why not create a yearly thinking plan where you set your team plans for thinking that focus on asking big and bold questions for the year ahead.

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