Get lost!

BarbossaWhen running creative thinking sessions to find new opportunities, it can be quite stressful for the client when in mid-process, as there may seem to be no clear target in sight. However, this is all part of the process of innovation, which is the art of accidental discovery.

You don’t set out knowing what you will discover, but you can be sure that with a great process, something definitely will be discovered.

There’s a wonderful scene in the film Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, where the crew of the ship realise that they are completely lost. Captain Barbossa (played brilliantly by Geoffrey Rush) replies that “Of course they are lost – for how else can you find a place that’s never been found before if you don’t get lost!”

Such a wonderful insight – especially for the business environment, because if you can see where you are going, then this route also visible to everyone else too.

So, don’t take this personally – but GET LOST!

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