Gamifying recruitment

TattooQRcodeGreat creative thinkers recognise that new ideas come from making new connections. And new connections arise when you try to connect two different things that you haven’t connected before.

It seems that all aspects of our lives are becoming steadily more gamified – even LinkedIn has an element of gamification now with last year’s launch of endorsements. Personally, I find the endorsement feature rather annoying as it adds no benefit to LinkedIn’s core service.

One area where gamification can add significant value is in the realm of recruitment where it can act as a pre-filter of applicants. If the game is well designed and you can’t do it – well, don’t bother filling the form in. An example from a few years ago was the Google billboard advert placed by a Silicon Valley freeway. The unbranded billboard simply said:

{first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e} .com

The answer to this complex maths equation was – and this URL lead to a Google recruitment page for mathematicians.

Recently, Turkish tattoo parlour Berrge Tattoo was looking for skilled tattoo artists and as part of the new hire’s application, they had to fill in a blank QR code on a print advertisement (see image), and then to scan the QR code with a smart phone. If their skills are clear and precise enough, the code took applicants to the actual application. A simple, effective (and fun) method of pre-selection – and a great example of creative connecting by the agency concerned.

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