Disturbing details

How graphic do you need to be to get someone’s attention?TubeMap

On London’s tube system, you may (surprisingly frequently) hear the announcement of a delay due to a person under a train. To me, this conjures images of mangled body-parts jamming up the front-wheels of a train. Now, I’m a strong advocate of truthfulness and open-ness in company messaging to customers, but there are times when too much, really is, too much. And I thought this announcement was one of those times.

National Rail use the phrase due to a person being hit by a train. Which is absolutely true – but much less graphic in nature. Feeling inspired to take action – I emailed Transport for London explaining how I thought that they may want to make the announcement a little less-disturbing for young-children and those of a delicate disposition. I didn’t expect much to happen.

Within three working-days, I received a response from TfL. They responded saying they will be changing the announcement to state due to a person on the tracks instead, as a result of my email.

What an excellent response and within a minimal time too. Well done to the team at TfL and London Underground. If only other companies can learn to improve their customer experiences as promptly as TfL do.

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