Design: The 50-year fad

Apollo-headGreek sculptors, Renaissance painters, Victorian bridge builders and 21st Century tech-creators have all broken established boundaries and integrated disparate fields in order to create “the new”.

Modern management practices are barely 50-years old and are still evolving in a rapidly changing world. However, they are all based on hierarchy and process which inevitably creates silos designed to be convenient for control and measurement.

But great designers don’t hold back.

  • They cut across these silos.
  • They identify limits and exceed them.
  • They integrate the factual with the visceral.
  • They unleash workplace imaginations and then rein them in having extended the boundaries of pragmatic opportunity.
  • They know to craft their solutions to fit into the business hierarchy and process, so their success can be controlled and measured.

This is what great designers do.

And the organisations that embed design as a core competence are reaping great rewards compared to those that don’t. Design may be a fad – but it will be a 50-year fad – until a radical, new management-approach comes along…

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