Delightful details – 1

Amazing customer experiences rarely come from doing one big-thing. Th1882is is because great experiences are invariably created through a myriad of smaller, yet delightful details.

Prior to seeing a show recently at London’s Royal Festival Hall in the Southbank Centre, we stopped for coffee at Caffè Vergnano 1882. I had one of their signature hot chocolates – that’s my drink you can see in the picture above.

Sprinkling chocolate-powder on the foam of drinks, isn’t new by any means, but the way it was presented by Caffè Vergnano was very well-executed. The 1882 was aligned with the handle, so that as I picked up the cup with my left hand to drink, the 1882 faced me continuously.

It’s the desire of all marketing departments to do the hardest thing possible with a customer – and that’s to change their behaviour. Large companies spend vast sums of money attempting this, and invariably fail.

Usually, I drink my coffee holding it in my right-hand. This little café influenced me, and changed my behaviour to make me drink left-handed, simply by the way they sprinkled their chocolate powder on my drink.

It seems that chocolate-dust is the new gold-dust!

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