Our innovative approach to CX design

What our customer experience design team do…CXdesign
If you want hands-on, practical assistance to move beyond the current approaches to customer experience design to enable your organisation to leapfrog into delivering next-generation customer experiences – then we can help you.

We’ll work with you and your CE team in the most-innovative manner to boost your customer experiences. We prefer to help you by creating progressive momentum through advice and guidance with your team to gain short-term, high-value benefits – and to also work with you building platforms for longer-term, strategic CE development.

What we can help you to achieve
> Touchpoint terrain mapping: Identifying the impact of each of your touchpoints and how to boost the experience at the key ones through ‘out of the box’ experience design.

> Becoming more customer-centric: Helping you embed the essential vision of being customer focussed across your business and making this become a reality in all the business delivers.

> RAPID CX design: Using RAPID processes to understand, design, develop and test new customer experiences in short and cost-effective manners.

> Fast retail experience development: Identifying quick-win and meaningful opportunities for improving your retail customer experiences.

> Applied Business Creativity process for CX: We have a unique and proprietary Applied Business Creativity (ABC) process for developing customer experiences that engage your wider team.

> Multi-channel Customer & Employee Engagement (MCCEE): The integration of multi-channel customer experience aspirations into the experience that the business offers and delivers to employees. Quick wins to enabling the CX aspirations to be embraced within the organisation.

> Development of a branded service style: We led the team that helped a leading UK telco redefine its customer experience across all channels through its branded Service Style – which was rolled out to all 8,000 customer-facing staff.

> Creating board experiences of your CX vision: Explaining complex issues in video to get buy-in at board level and subsequent employee buy-in to projects.

> Demonstrating business growth through CX: Identifying innovative business growth opportunities that can be delivered through appropriate customer experiences.

Our expertise in customer experience design and management comes from working with large, global organisations on both sides of the client / agency fence. Our clientele includes UPS, O2, AkzoNobel and Vodafone.

If you’d like to understand how our approach helps you embrace the next generation of customer experience design then read our blog article 6 new approaches for customer experience design.

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