Customer Experience for the UK’s Elite

How do you think the customer experience provided to the United Kingdom’s elite differs between the North and South of the country? I looked at two organisations, Transport for London (TfL) and Scottish Power, and checked out how the online complaint forms for each differ in the way they address customers.

Title dropdown screen

As with most online forms you have to enter personal details and I looked at the ‘Title’ box for each that allows you to state how you’d like to be addressed. Below is the comparison between the options that each organisation offers – and the options are very comprehensive!


While both acknowledge that a significant number of Cardinals submit complaints, Scottish Power appear to have more whinging Archbishops and Bishops than do TfL – but they seem not to bear the bleatings of the insufferable Dowager Ladies that TfL have.

Scottish Power obviously get numerous Admirals and Brigadiers contacting them, but there’s a clear one-upmanship in the South from TfL as they have significant numbers of dis-satisfied (and more senior) Fleet Admirals and Brigadier Generals travelling on the Northern line during a summer rush-hour morning.

It appears that many Princes seem to complain to both organisations. If one were a member of the Royal Family and wanted to complain about one’s service, then one would surely use the most regal title one possessed. That means there are only three people in the British Royal family who would use the title ‘Prince’ – Prince’s Charles, Michael and Harry. I’m sure Prince George grumbles a lot but I doubt that he’s up to complaining online considering he’s only 18 months old. I presume that there must be lots of foreign Princes unhappy about travelling on London’s buses or using Scottish Power to heat their palaces.

It’s odd that TfL include the Scottish title of Laird – but this doesn’t make Scottish Power’s list.

It’s also interesting to note that Scottish Power obviously added additional options, as below Wing Commander, a shorter alphabetically ordered list starting with Abbot appears. Their list of additions is curious in that it consists mainly of religious and military titles. Nice to see that they are being socially inclusive by having Squadron Leader bounded by Right Reverend and Swami.

I use both these organisations in a personal capacity every day and I’m delighted with the services they provide. But it’s cute to see the levels they go to in an effort to provide excellent customer service. Well done to you both!

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