Select. Connect? Project! – Bank helps customers to find work

Fifth Third Bank is an Ohio based bank in the US which has teamed up with an employment firm to offer mortgage borrowers help to find work if they lose their job. They’ve teamed up with employment firm NextJob to offer … Continue reading

Select. Connect? Project! – Independent coffee shop loyalty scheme

Most of the major coffee chains offer loyalty schemes but what can the independents do to challenge this? Offer a better scheme! Online business has 40 independent coffee shops in the city of Tel Aviv signed up to give … Continue reading

Select. Connect? Project!

Want to show you a new tool we’ve developed that is really quick and effective around connecting new and familiar things together to produce something interesting that has value. It’s called Select. Connect? Project! Select. First select two objects – … Continue reading

The Territory Of The Three Giants

I’ve written previously about Natural Next Steps; the things that when made known to you are intuitively the things you should start doing immediately. These may be personal or business Natural Next Steps, but either way (in hindsight), they will … Continue reading

Natural next steps

Did you know that the study of garden gnomes is the best metaphor for identifying new growth opportunities for your business? Whatever your business, you will invariably have competitors who you keep a watchful eye on. Occasionally, they will do something new … Continue reading