6 new approaches for customer experience design

(Or fresh thinking around stale design perspectives). Want to consider some new approaches to your customer experience design process? Here are the six that we think merit the most consideration. 1: Use Touchpoint Terrain Maps instead of Customer Journey Maps … Continue reading

Boosting Executive Thinking

Our new book Boosting Executive Thinking is now available from Amazon – and we’re giving away TEN free copies. The most valuable asset you have in your organisation is your mind, and this workbook is designed to support your mental … Continue reading

The red and blue areas on this map contain the same number of people

This phenomenal map was created by infographic-master and data-cruncher Max Galka. Both the red and blue areas on this map each contain 5% of the world’s population. The red area includes Bangladesh and just three Indian states: Bihar, Jharkhand, and … Continue reading

Better Business Thinking workbook

My new book, the Better Business Thinking workbook has just been published. Have you noticed how some people seem to be naturals at coming up with practical, new ideas while others seem to struggle? The truth is that there’s nothing … Continue reading

The future of Customer Experience design

A lot has happened in the last ten years of customer experience design. Especially as ten years ago customer experience design didn’t exist. Back then, we thought user experience was enough, and before that, we thought user interaction design was … Continue reading