Boosting Executive Thinking

Boosting Executive ThinkingOur new book Boosting Executive Thinking is now available from Amazon – and we’re giving away TEN free copies.

The most valuable asset you have in your organisation is your mind, and this workbook is designed to support your mental processes to help your mind achieve more-insightful strategic thinking. Like you’ve never imagined before.

Strategic thinking around key issues is often a personal activity at the outset – before it can be shared with others to incorporate their viewpoints.

This workbook assists you during the initial phase to break out of your routine thinking patterns; to ensure you consider fresh perspectives; and to deliver more, and differentiated, insights for a better quality of thinking.

What this workbook does for you…
> Helps you think rapidly and creatively around a key issue.
> Focuses your thinking by guiding you through an innovative process.
> Keeps all your ideas in one place for future reference.
You can buy the book online from Amazon here.

If you’d like to receive a FREE COPY of the physical book, then send an email to think (at) and tell us the business question that you’d like more creative thinking on. The best ten answers will get a response asking for your mailing address and we’ll get a copy in the post to you pronto. You’ll need to get your question to us by 7th September to be in with a chance.

Good thinking and good luck!

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