BMW Art Car

Could you turn your product or service into a style icon with just a splash of paint? BMW did. The London 2012 Olympic festival is in full swing, and just around the corner from Seren’s offices is the BMW Art Car Collection – so we went along for a look-see.

A great exhibition with great cars and some interesting art too, but our opinions were mixed. I was quite impressed at how Andy Warhol had painted a BMW M1 in 23 minutes using a crappy brush and his fingers to create what is now quite possibly the most valuable car in the world. Some of the cars look like the work of weeks of diligent artistic attention. Not Warhol’s though. A waste of a good BMW M1. And paint. However, in the end a valuable work of art was created, and in just 23 minutes too!

The value in a business brand is all about being talked about in a positive manner – most likely in social networks. The new advocacy is people (your customers and non-customers) sharing stories about themselves. However, it’s often not just about them, it’s about them doing something with your brand. Be it good or bad, it’s all great fodder for social media content.

People want to have stories to tell. Sometimes their lives are quite ordinary and so they Tweet and talk about anything they can and that’s often how they are interacting with your brand – for the better or for the worse.

So let’s give them something to talk about. They don’t have to have the experience for themselves, as they may just see or hear about it on the internet. So what’s your equivalent of BMW’s art cars?

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