Better Business Thinking workbook

Better Business Thinking project workbookMy new book, the Better Business Thinking workbook has just been published.

Have you noticed how some people seem to be naturals at coming up with practical, new ideas while others seem to struggle? The truth is that there’s nothing natural about it – for it’s a skill that anyone can master.

This Better Business Thinking workbook guides you through a four-stage thinking development process. at each stage, there are a unique set of creative tools to help you embed that aspect of the process.

The tools are arranged around a template thinking project which considers a key issue that you have in your work environment. So as well as learning the process and tools, you get to apply them to an important issue that you have. This workbook will enable you to become a better thinker in just a few weeks.

There are two blank templates included which you can use for additional thinking projects of your own You’ll also read about some amazing aspects of what your mind is capable of in the Inside Your Head sections of the book.

The Better Business Thinking workbook helps you become a better thinker in the practical application of creative thinking in the business environment. Its available online from Amazon here.

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