Ask ‘So what?’ to focus on the big issue: CT Tips #6

Neuroscientists study the brain and how we think. What’s really interesting isn’t so much what they do know about their subject, it’s what they don’t know that’s really interesting. They don’t know how we think, how memories are accessed and stored or where ideas come from. In my opinion, that’s a key chunk of their field that they are ignorant of.

They do know which parts of the brain are being used at the various points in the thinking and recall process, but they don’t know how our vast number of memories are stored, and accessed, as we use them. They also don’t know where our inspiration comes from – those sudden moments when we get an amazing new thought. To them, and probably to most of us as well, this is definitely a bit of a mystery. Some may consider it a miracle that we are able to use the blob of grey matter in our heads to achieve these things.

The question is, what are you doing with your neck-top miracle? When you use it for thinking on an issue, are you using to its optimal capacity and potential? Or are you wasting it thinking about relatively trivial or irrelevant items?

Here’s a quick check you can carry out called the ‘So what?’ test. Next time you are thinking on an issue, imagine that you come up with a great idea to address the issue. Now ask yourself ‘So what?’ Will this make a big difference to your world or the issue? If the answer isn’t a resounding YES – then why are you doing it? Find a bigger and better issue to apply your amazing capability to.

We often tend to clutter our lives, our heads and our thinking with issues that aren’t important. Just focus on your big issues. Keep asking yourself ‘So what?’ This will help keep you focussed on the big stuff.

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