10 creative thinking techniques for better business ideas

TenBy Chris Thomason:  I’ve previously posted ten of the best techniques I use to deliver business growth ideas. Here they all are in one place…

#1: How to doom yourself from the start Never start off by being creative. Start off by clarifying exactly what you want to achieve, what are the limitations on resources such as people, time and money, and also the scale of what it is you want to achieve. Plan before you think, otherwise your outputs may be great – but completely inappropriate…  (Read the post)

#2: A Zone of Acceptance helps focus your thinking Again, before you do any thinking on a subject, consider what your Zone of Acceptance is for the outputs. Think about the different parameters that will influence whether your output ideas are appropriate for your needs. What are the timeframes… (Read the post)

#3: Querencia – the starting point for thinking Querencia is a lovely Spanish word from the bull-fighting world. It doesn’t have a direct translation into English, but the approximate translation is the place of safety that the bull retreats to before launching its final charge… (Read the post)

>#4: Think inside the box Thinking outside of the box is great for ‘blue sky’ ideas for those of us with budgets of billions and deadlines in decades. However, if you live on planet Earth, that kind of thinking is disastrous for…  (Read the post)

#5: Great ideas are just rubbish I don’t want to seem controversial, but if you’ve got lots of great ideas, then all you have is a lot of rubbish. Great ideas are useless – all they do is clutter your mind and lull you into a false…  (Read the post)

#6: Ask ‘So what?’ to focus on the big issue Neuroscientists study the brain and how we think. What’s really interesting isn’t so much what they do know about their subject, it’s what they don’t know that’s really interesting… (Read the post)

#7: Pointing in the right direction Over the summer Olympics, we’ve seen athletes from every country, quite literally, pushing themselves to the limits of their ability. On the last Friday of the Paralympics, I went to the Olympic stadium to spend the morning watching the track and field events… (Read the post)

#8: Super-ordinate questions I got a scratch-card for a mystery discount from a company I buy from occasionally. My discount was 25% off my next purchase. Don’t think I’ll bother using it though as there’s nothing of theirs that I need…  (Read the post)

#9: Stretch your mind Whenever you are about to do some thinking – either on your own or in a group – do you warm up your brain beforehand? (Read the post)

#10: Subconscious Ever been in the shower or cleaning your teeth, when all of a sudden an idea comes to mind around a subject you weren’t even thinking of? That’s your subconscious at work. And that’s often where your best ideas can come from… (Read the post)

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